sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Justin is already the 4th most watched video on youtube

With nearly 140 million hits "Baby" of our dear Justin becomes the 4th most watched video in youtube history.
This seen that child prodigies are those who succeed on youtube and Justin is a proof.
Let us help you become the most watched video. Here the video to play it again and again in January:
www.youtube.com/kidrauhl JUSTIN BIEBER CHANNEL!

Justin will not appear in the "trending topics" on Twitter

Justin has been lasting for the last few months one of the most popular and discussed social network, not down from the podium of honor and it was full of fans in your account daily.
But "twitter" has made several changes to the application does not appear the most discussed topics but the latest news. This will cause the name "Justin Bieber" does not appear there because it is not recent news. But this does not mean that Justin is still not popular in the network will remain a matter of simply the best but not on this place because it is a topic too old. This will leave us fans in a bad place, for all this support that we give will not reflected.
From the website does not seem very correct position of the social network and that news stories need not be recent to be more popular than Justin, we think this should change.
Which one do you think? leave your comment.

Justin at the movies

The news website "Just Jared", one of many news sites are looking for a place among the many celebrities to support Justin as well, since you are on a pedastal to be all sales to be sweeping the latest twitter ... Site has been imagining the 15 films that Justin might appear, calling them "biebermovies" because they say our idol is taking over everything and certainly the film soon as well.

Here the images:

Picture on the video shoot of Somebody to love

Justin has been with Usher on the set of his next video and east through the twitter account posted a picture with him on the set of filming the video. Are not you curious about the surprise at the thought that says that we have prepared?

Kim kardashian did it again

The celebrity hysteria breaks out again the fans with images recorded on the presentation made with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney in a fashion store called Kitson Los Angeles where he taught a white shirt with blue letters on the reading "Mrs. Bieber" Mrs. Bieber in Spanish.
It will be only a matter of time for the fans unleash another sea of threats to the famous.

Justin said that his mother took the phone and computer at night

Justin appeared two days ago in Oprah Winfrey's show, gave interesting details of his private life that gave details of-factly as he is.
Oprah asked if he ever used the excuse of "I'm Justin Bieber" to get away with it and he replied that if he did his mother give him a blow directly, she notes her mother off the phone and computer when you do something evil as a punishment and has a specific time to turn it off, 10.30 pm.
According to his mother has not changed its way of being with him just because you're a celebrity, so it still has the same deal with her as they had last year before being recognized.
In addition also included in the interview that has only one day a week to be a "normal kid" since his life was not allowed to do what others do

miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

Rumors of justin having dinner with KIM KARDASHIAN little sister

According to the website Gather.com, Kim Kardashian was able to organize his sister Kendall a dinner for 14 years who knew the singer after Correspondents Association dinner in the White House. Rumors say that Kim got in touch with Justin Scooter manager to schedule an appointment.
After dinner say they played twister in the home of Kendal. After that a friend of the Kardashian family told OK magazine, Quesegún he believed had evidence of love between them.