sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Justin will not appear in the "trending topics" on Twitter

Justin has been lasting for the last few months one of the most popular and discussed social network, not down from the podium of honor and it was full of fans in your account daily.
But "twitter" has made several changes to the application does not appear the most discussed topics but the latest news. This will cause the name "Justin Bieber" does not appear there because it is not recent news. But this does not mean that Justin is still not popular in the network will remain a matter of simply the best but not on this place because it is a topic too old. This will leave us fans in a bad place, for all this support that we give will not reflected.
From the website does not seem very correct position of the social network and that news stories need not be recent to be more popular than Justin, we think this should change.
Which one do you think? leave your comment.

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